Today Won’t Be the Day That Changes Everything

Today could be the day that changes everything. That was how I felt almost every single day while I was unemployed a few years back. The next big opportunity was only one phone call, one email or one text message away. I was on high alert and had my phone and computer ready to respond. YetContinue reading “Today Won’t Be the Day That Changes Everything”

Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment is devastating, slowly crushing the job seeker on many levels. The physical, psychological and financial tolls are steep and dramatic. While the number of US long-term jobless has dropped from nearly 4.5 million a year ago to just over 3 million today, the impact on those not working is still frightening I wroteContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment”

Weekly Roundup: Getting Fired & Getting Back In The Game

Chances are you will get fired at some point in your career. Call it laid off, terminated, restructured or downsized. Whatever you want to call it, it means you no longer have a job and must face the painful emotional and financial challenges. The impact can be devastating if you allow it, but there areContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Getting Fired & Getting Back In The Game”

Navigating the Waters of Freelance and Contract Work

Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a full time staff job. Maybe you want to pick up right where you left off with an office, year-end bonus, health care and retirement benefits. Fingers crossed, you wind up with everything on your wish list. But how will you pay the bills and keep your skillsContinue reading “Navigating the Waters of Freelance and Contract Work”

‘My Daddy Got Fired’ – Talking To Kids About Job Loss

“My daddy got fired.” I flinched a little when I heard those words blurted out by my then-five year old daughter to a random barista at a coffee shop. Ouch! Here’s something I wrote about talking to your kids about unemployment for AOL Jobs.

You’re Fired! Seven Steps to Survive Unemployment

Fired. Downsized. Laid off. Restructured. Not sure what else the kids are calling it these days, but it happens to everyone at some point in their career. It happened to me and I found seven steps that have made the transition easier and (almost) enjoyable. 1 Don’t take it personally This is the toughest step.Continue reading “You’re Fired! Seven Steps to Survive Unemployment”