Everybody is a Thought Leader, Right?

Social media has given rise to the age of the self-proclaimed thought leader. Maybe they style themselves ninjas, disruptors, innovators or change agents. Whatever the moniker they are out there and there sure are a lot of them. Should you choose to believe the hype, they are the biggest of the big thinkers, the Star-Bellied Sneetches ofContinue reading “Everybody is a Thought Leader, Right?”

#NJTech Meetup 63 with Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk should come with a warning label. DO NOT use @GaryVee if you are afraid of brutal honesty. AVOID @GaryVee if easily offended. @GaryVee may cause epiphany, soul searching and uncontrollable laughter. For best results @GaryVee only as directed. This past Wednesday night will go down as one of the great NJ Tech Meetups. It wasContinue reading “#NJTech Meetup 63 with Gary Vaynerchuk”

A Few Thoughts on the Social TV NYC Meetup

A few years ago I signed up to attend the Social TV NYC Meetup. It was right around the time that Social TV was really taking off. Twitter and Facebook were blowing up. Tunerfish, GetGlue and Miso were all jumping into the second screen check-in space. Every broadcast and cable marketer saw the opportunity toContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on the Social TV NYC Meetup”

#NJTech Meetup 44 with Vinnie Bharara

Welcome to 2014 and the first NJ Tech Meetup of the year. I’ve written before that this meetup is a personal favorite and the Thursday 1/9/14 gathering lived up to the usual high standard. Startups included Mommies 247, Stantt and Pijon Box. The evening’s guest speaker was Vinnie Bharara, co-founder of Quidsi. The founder, organizerContinue reading “#NJTech Meetup 44 with Vinnie Bharara”

The First Rule of House of Genius is…

….You do NOT talk about House of Genius. Yeah, I am going to drag out that tired quote from Fight Club and I am going to paraphrase it proudly. When it comes to House of Genius this is the one time it might actually apply. A random invite to a cryptically titled event arrives inContinue reading “The First Rule of House of Genius is…”

A Few Thoughts on NJ Tech Meetup with Lewis Schiff

One of my favorite Meetups is the monthly NJ Tech gathering. It’s a great crowd with excellent speakers and there is always a wait list. Here’s how it works every month. Pizza and networking. Opening remarks. A word from the sponsors. A chance for the crowd to give rapid fire pitches or requests. Three quickContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on NJ Tech Meetup with Lewis Schiff”