Switch – A Tinder For Jobs

Swipe left for NO. Swipe right for YES. If the feeling is mutual, connect and reveal your identity. No, it’s not online dating. It’s the future of job search: anonymous, simple and mobile. Finding a job is hard work. The journey can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. From discovering opportunities through the application processContinue reading “Switch – A Tinder For Jobs”

Better Job Search Through Technology

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before LinkedIn, Google or even email. How on earth did people find opportunities back in the Dark Ages of job search? It’s a terrifying thought, but MindFlash has done the hard work and uncovered the long-forgotten secrets of pre-millennium job hunting in Western Civilizations’s Historical GuideContinue reading “Better Job Search Through Technology”

LinkedIn Doubles Down On Apps

As the world goes mobile, LinkedIn wants to corner the market on mobile job search and career management. Their strategy ensures that no matter where you are, “opportunity is always within reach.” As a result they’ve doubled down on apps, aggressively launching several new apps and reimagining the existing ones over the last several months.Continue reading “LinkedIn Doubles Down On Apps”

Weekly Roundup: 5 Must-Read Job Search Newsletters

One of the best ways to keep your job hunt fresh and get the best new information is signing up for newsletters from the career experts. I wrote earlier this year about six of my favorites. Let’s add five more. These represent some of the sharpest, freshest career advice out there. Check it out hereContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: 5 Must-Read Job Search Newsletters”

Weekly Roundup: All In On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your resume, cover letter, online portfolio, professional social network, blog, business card and more all rolled into one. More than 300 million people use LinkedIn and it keeps expanding in size, power and influence. If you’re not making the most of what the site has to offer, you are missing a massive opportunityContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: All In On LinkedIn”

Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment is devastating, slowly crushing the job seeker on many levels. The physical, psychological and financial tolls are steep and dramatic. While the number of US long-term jobless has dropped from nearly 4.5 million a year ago to just over 3 million today, the impact on those not working is still frightening I wroteContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment”

Weekly Roundup: LinkedIn’s New Killer App & Much More

Your job search just went mobile. LinkedIn just dropped a powerful new app that all job seekers will want to download and explore immediately. On Thursday they released the LinkedIn Job Search app and from my initial test-drive it is a must-have tool for job seekers. I wrote about it for AOL Jobs right here.

Weekly Roundup: The Power Of Your Professional Network

You know what would be awesome? If I could sit on my couch eating bear claws and watching cartoons while the perfect job just knocked on my front door, that’s what. Seriously, how great would that be? Cartoons, doughnuts, couch. Alas, the world is never going to beat down the door with job offers. SoContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: The Power Of Your Professional Network”

Weekly Roundup: Getting Fired & Getting Back In The Game

Chances are you will get fired at some point in your career. Call it laid off, terminated, restructured or downsized. Whatever you want to call it, it means you no longer have a job and must face the painful emotional and financial challenges. The impact can be devastating if you allow it, but there areContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Getting Fired & Getting Back In The Game”

Weekly Roundup: The 1-2 Punch On LinkedIn

I’ve written in great detail before about the power of LinkedIn and how to optimize your profile for maximum impact, but let’s narrow the focus even more. Perhaps the two most important elements of a superb LinkedIn profile are the headline and summary. Your headline should say exactly what makes you great and why someoneContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: The 1-2 Punch On LinkedIn”