Weekly Roundup: Fighting Back Against Long-Term Unemployment

looking for a job image

Long-term unemployment is devastating, slowly crushing the job seeker on many levels. The physical, psychological and financial tolls are steep and dramatic. While the number of US long-term jobless has dropped from nearly 4.5 million a year ago to just over 3 million today, the impact on those not working is still frightening

I wrote about how to stay positive and keep your job search on track here at AOL Jobs.

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  1. Ayush Kumar says:

    Nice read. I have also written an article at The Kaleidoscope about the difficulty in finding a job on slightly humorous note. I would feel honored if you can take out some time to go through the article and comment on the scenario. The link to the article: http://wp.me/p4Czjd-1d

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