Everybody is a Thought Leader, Right?

Social media has given rise to the age of the self-proclaimed thought leader. Maybe they style themselves ninjas, disruptors, innovators or change agents. Whatever the moniker they are out there and there sure are a lot of them. Should you choose to believe the hype, they are the biggest of the big thinkers, the Star-Bellied Sneetches ofContinue reading “Everybody is a Thought Leader, Right?”

Weekly Roundup: The Power Of Your Professional Network

You know what would be awesome? If I could sit on my couch eating bear claws and watching cartoons while the perfect job just knocked on my front door, that’s what. Seriously, how great would that be? Cartoons, doughnuts, couch. Alas, the world is never going to beat down the door with job offers. SoContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: The Power Of Your Professional Network”

Weekly Roundup: Make Recruiters Work For You

Recruiters are a necessary and sometimes challenging part of the employment ecosystem. They seek out talented people for companies, but also serve as gatekeepers, controlling the influx of candidates. Their prime objective is to discover the best and weed out the rest. So how can you make yourself a highly attractive candidate that search firmsContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Make Recruiters Work For You”

Weekly Roundup: Get Social With Job Search, Part 2

How to build a powerful online brand that will get you noticed, grow your network, drive conversations and lead to opportunities. I wrote about social media and job search at AOL Jobs.

The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles To Inspire All Job Seekers (Week 4)

Check out five great pieces of career advice I found this week in Week 4 of a new column I am writing for AOL Jobs.

The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles All Job Seekers Should Read (Week 2)

Here is week two of a new column I am writing for AOL Jobs. Five more awesome pieces of career advice I read this week.