Social TV Grows Up and Gets Real

Here’s a somewhat tongue in cheek piece I wrote about the state of Social TV for Weber Shandwick’s new platform, Media Decoded, exploring where media intersects with commerce, marketing, creativity, and tech. Once upon a time, success in television news marketing was relatively easy. Every November, February and May you bought a couple billboards, some radio spots,Continue reading “Social TV Grows Up and Gets Real”

Switch – A Tinder For Jobs

Swipe left for NO. Swipe right for YES. If the feeling is mutual, connect and reveal your identity. No, it’s not online dating. It’s the future of job search: anonymous, simple and mobile. Finding a job is hard work. The journey can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. From discovering opportunities through the application processContinue reading “Switch – A Tinder For Jobs”

Better Job Search Through Technology

It’s hard to believe that there was a time before LinkedIn, Google or even email. How on earth did people find opportunities back in the Dark Ages of job search? It’s a terrifying thought, but MindFlash has done the hard work and uncovered the long-forgotten secrets of pre-millennium job hunting in Western Civilizations’s Historical GuideContinue reading “Better Job Search Through Technology”

LinkedIn Doubles Down On Apps

As the world goes mobile, LinkedIn wants to corner the market on mobile job search and career management. Their strategy ensures that no matter where you are, “opportunity is always within reach.” As a result they’ve doubled down on apps, aggressively launching several new apps and reimagining the existing ones over the last several months.Continue reading “LinkedIn Doubles Down On Apps”

Weekly Roundup: All In On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your resume, cover letter, online portfolio, professional social network, blog, business card and more all rolled into one. More than 300 million people use LinkedIn and it keeps expanding in size, power and influence. If you’re not making the most of what the site has to offer, you are missing a massive opportunityContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: All In On LinkedIn”

Weekly Roundup: Get Social With Job Search, Part 2

How to build a powerful online brand that will get you noticed, grow your network, drive conversations and lead to opportunities. I wrote about social media and job search at AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Get Social With Job Search

One of the most powerful tools in your job search arsenal is your social media presence. Sure, you’re probably on LinkedIn as well as Facebook, but what about Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and more? While not every social platform may be right for you, it is important to understand the basics of how each oneContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: Get Social With Job Search”

The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles To Inspire All Job Seekers (Week 4)

Check out five great pieces of career advice I found this week in Week 4 of a new column I am writing for AOL Jobs.

A Few Thoughts on the Social TV NYC Meetup

A few years ago I signed up to attend the Social TV NYC Meetup. It was right around the time that Social TV was really taking off. Twitter and Facebook were blowing up. Tunerfish, GetGlue and Miso were all jumping into the second screen check-in space. Every broadcast and cable marketer saw the opportunity toContinue reading “A Few Thoughts on the Social TV NYC Meetup”