Failing Every Day

I have been reading a lot of James Altucher lately. One of the things I admire is his incredible ability to ship. He has written 17 books, blogs constantly and is a prodigious podcaster. I started with Choose Yourself which was packed with remarkable insights and resonates with me both as a writer and consultant. This led me toContinue reading “Failing Every Day”

The Goldilocks Playlist – Week 9 of @Spotify Discover Weekly

Well, hot damn! Did Spotify get it right or what? Week 9 nails it on so many fronts. It’s got great tunes almost across the board, plenty of variety and both old and new stuff I have never heard. There are five classic funk and soul tracks from the seventies, four great bands that areContinue reading “The Goldilocks Playlist – Week 9 of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

Week 7 – The Unbearable Darkness Of @Spotify Discover Weekly

It was a cruel joke played by the calendar. With Labor Day coming so late it was still summer, right? Wrong! Instead of letting the good times roll, the fun-killers at my son’s school decided to ruin a perfectly good three day weekend by starting early. Wasn’t it just a few brief weeks ago thatContinue reading “Week 7 – The Unbearable Darkness Of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen – Week 6 of @Spotify Discover Weekly

How did it happen? How could I let Week 6 go by without standing on the rooftop and shouting to the world. Rock solid, it was the best one yet. However, as Summer 2015 drew to a close, this listener got lazy and didn’t press publish two weeks in a row. With Discover Weekly completely updating every week,Continue reading “Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen – Week 6 of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

The Rock Snob’s Playlist – Week 8 of @Spotify Discover Weekly

Ten years ago a small book attempted to codify rock snobbery. The Rock Snob’s Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge laid bare the confusing rules of obsessive music fans. The knowledge so many music nerds had built quietly and kept secret for decades was now made available to the masses. The horror! Of course, only the rockContinue reading “The Rock Snob’s Playlist – Week 8 of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose – Week 5 of Spotify Discover Weekly

Week Five and Spotify Discover Weekly is back on track. After last week’s Adult Alternative easy listening blowout we’ve got more energy and surprises. This week’s playlist is a solid mix of old, new, big and small, but a little harder edge and NO Charles Manson. Listenability is up, predictability is down. I still wantContinue reading “Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose – Week 5 of Spotify Discover Weekly”

Music For People Who Don’t Like Music – Week 4 of Spotify Discover Weekly

What started as a glorious fling has settled into the drab day-to-day reality of a relationship that might not be working out. Oh Spotify Discover Weekly, you seemed so right. You understood me. You knew what I liked and you gave it to me. Now, only 4 weeks into our time together, it just all seems so empty.Continue reading “Music For People Who Don’t Like Music – Week 4 of Spotify Discover Weekly”

Discover and Rediscover – Week 3 of Spotify Weekly

Three weeks in and I am still impressed with my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. Each week has expanded upon the previous, delving deeper into my musical history and digging up even more unique artists and forgotten favorites. This week is another compelling mix of old, new, hits, misses and never-weres. While previous weeks had a certain flow fromContinue reading “Discover and Rediscover – Week 3 of Spotify Weekly”

Swallowing the Ocean – The Case for Information Overload

One of my favorite books as a kid was The Five Chinese Brothers. I loved the story of five identical siblings who escaped a wrongful conviction and death sentence through smarts and special skills. However, my favorite part and the bit forever burned in my memory was the first brother who could swallow the sea.Continue reading “Swallowing the Ocean – The Case for Information Overload”