No Use Crying Over Spilled Goldfish

My three year old experienced a significant personal setback earlier today. His special treat after a swimming lesson was a baggie of rainbow goldfish, perhaps his favorite food of all time. As we braved the frozen hellscape the weather forecasters referred to as a wintry mix, he was engaged in what amounts to gleeful multitasking for young boys. WhileContinue reading “No Use Crying Over Spilled Goldfish”

This is Why We Hate Each Other

The following is based on a true incident. This could be your life. It might be mine, but if you have kids it’s happened to you. A paralyzing silence permeates the house. It’s silent treatment time for the grownups. The weekend has been looong and tensions are running high. A couple of hours ago the teen andContinue reading “This is Why We Hate Each Other”

‘My Daddy Got Fired’ – Talking To Kids About Job Loss

“My daddy got fired.” I flinched a little when I heard those words blurted out by my then-five year old daughter to a random barista at a coffee shop. Ouch! Here’s something I wrote about talking to your kids about unemployment for AOL Jobs.

Stick Your Head in the Fountain

My kids and I have a finely developed routine when we visit the doctor. Doctor appointment. Pet store. Chipotle. Cookies. It has been scientifically tested and approved over the last several years by our sub-committee of three. A few weeks back we went in for annual physicals. Despite some pre-doctor trepidation concerning the possibility ofContinue reading “Stick Your Head in the Fountain”