All Hail the 97 Pound Weakling

I am the 97 pound weakling, perhaps not the original, but I have always been super scrawny. Like the kid in the Charles Atlas ads that peppered the back pages of comic books for decades, I am a skinny. Even when my weight topped 240, I was a slight man under a concealing layer of flab. PeelContinue reading “All Hail the 97 Pound Weakling”

Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’m Back

One year ago I limped away from blogging. It was less a decision and more part of a process to focus on writing. My last post essayed the dilemma. It wasn’t a case of writer’s block. It was a case of publisher’s block. While I was writing every single day, I wasn’t publishing. I took muchContinue reading “Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I’m Back”

Publisher’s Block or My Inertia?

September 24th was the last time I published a post on this blog. I had ambitious plans to get at least two more posts up by the end of the month. Instead, I stopped publishing. It’s not writer’s block. I’ve done plenty of writing. As a matter of fact it’s added up to more than fiftyContinue reading “Publisher’s Block or My Inertia?”

A Tech Vision For Newark – An Ambitious Plan To Transform NJ’s Largest City

This is something I wrote for the NJ Tech Meetup website. Newark, New Jersey – the next tech hub? Could new companies and new jobs be the next big step in the city’s renaissance? Newark Venture Partners (NVP) thinks so and they are placing a 50 million dollar bet they can ignite the high-tech fire thatContinue reading “A Tech Vision For Newark – An Ambitious Plan To Transform NJ’s Largest City”

The Goldilocks Playlist – Week 9 of @Spotify Discover Weekly

Well, hot damn! Did Spotify get it right or what? Week 9 nails it on so many fronts. It’s got great tunes almost across the board, plenty of variety and both old and new stuff I have never heard. There are five classic funk and soul tracks from the seventies, four great bands that areContinue reading “The Goldilocks Playlist – Week 9 of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

NJ Tech Meetup 64 with Kevin Ryan In Review

Here’s something I wrote for Key Takeaways: Great teams build great products Deciding what you’re NOT going to do is important We need more computer scientists, NOW! Summer is over and it’s time to get back to business. The NJ Tech Meetup kicked off fall with its 64th meetup. It was a double packedContinue reading “NJ Tech Meetup 64 with Kevin Ryan In Review”

RIP @ThisIsMyJam and Thank You!! @Han and @flaneur

On September 26th another great music site will shut down. One of my favorite social platforms, will pack it in and say goodnight. The internet was supposed to be about infinite niches and a place for every fan to find his fellow enthusiasts and celebrate their shared interests. As a card carrying, flag waving member ofContinue reading “RIP @ThisIsMyJam and Thank You!! @Han and @flaneur”

Week 7 – The Unbearable Darkness Of @Spotify Discover Weekly

It was a cruel joke played by the calendar. With Labor Day coming so late it was still summer, right? Wrong! Instead of letting the good times roll, the fun-killers at my son’s school decided to ruin a perfectly good three day weekend by starting early. Wasn’t it just a few brief weeks ago thatContinue reading “Week 7 – The Unbearable Darkness Of @Spotify Discover Weekly”

#NJTech Meetup 64 w/ Kevin Ryan, Founder: Gilt, MongoDB, Business Insider

Here is something I wrote for this Wednesday’s NJ Tech Meetup with special guest Kevin Ryan.   DoubleClick, Mongo DB, ShopWiki, Gilt, Zola, The Ladders, HotJobs, Business Insider. One thing they all have in common is Kevin Ryan, “The Godfather” of NYC tech. What started it all? How did he become an entrepreneur? Dilbert madeContinue reading “#NJTech Meetup 64 w/ Kevin Ryan, Founder: Gilt, MongoDB, Business Insider”

Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen – Week 6 of @Spotify Discover Weekly

How did it happen? How could I let Week 6 go by without standing on the rooftop and shouting to the world. Rock solid, it was the best one yet. However, as Summer 2015 drew to a close, this listener got lazy and didn’t press publish two weeks in a row. With Discover Weekly completely updating every week,Continue reading “Pictures Or It Didn’t Happen – Week 6 of @Spotify Discover Weekly”