Thinking is easy, blogging is hard

I was asked last week if i blog and after an awkward yes, I had to admit that it’s getting pretty dusty here at World on Shuffle headquarters. So many ideas. So few blog posts. Nine months of crickets. I keep an impressive list of potential blog topics. Many of them are quite fleshed outContinue reading “Thinking is easy, blogging is hard”

Institutional Knowledge is a Liability

Every company has a set of explicit and implicit rules and practices on how things get done within the organization. It often takes weeks or months or even years on a job to acquire and accumulate this institutional knowledge. Often the more you know the more you can thrive and accomplish on the job. Thus,Continue reading “Institutional Knowledge is a Liability”

You’re Fired! Seven Steps to Survive Unemployment

Fired. Downsized. Laid off. Restructured. Not sure what else the kids are calling it these days, but it happens to everyone at some point in their career. It happened to me and I found seven steps that have made the transition easier and (almost) enjoyable. 1 Don’t take it personally This is the toughest step.Continue reading “You’re Fired! Seven Steps to Survive Unemployment”

Your Technology is No Good Here

A couple of weeks ago I spent a week in western Massachusetts in a house way up in the hills. I love this particular corner of the world for several reasons. Hiking. Road riding. Mountain biking. Rafting. Kayaking. Swimming. Whoopie pies. Most of all, I love the quiet. The loudest noise in the daytime isContinue reading “Your Technology is No Good Here”

Vinyl vs Digital – Curation vs Serendipity

I love vinyl. The gorgeous covers. Gatefold sleeves. Liner notes. Inserts. The feel of a record’s sharp edge as you flip it with your fingers. There is nothing like opening a brand b]new album and hearing the pop of the needle as it hits the record for the first time. Records are a curated experience.Continue reading “Vinyl vs Digital – Curation vs Serendipity”

Content on Shuffle

I want to explore how we discover and experience content. The intersection of search, curation and sharing under the umbrella of discovery is fascinating and constantly changing. How does it impact how we interpret the world around us and how we learn? And how does the digital world affect how we socialize and share ourContinue reading “Content on Shuffle”