Carrots, Apples and Pears, Oh My! Weight Watchers, Part 1

Grapefruit, kale, strawberries, lemons, limes, chia seeds, protein bars, tofu, almond milk, coffee with skim, sugar free jello. Mmm, that’s pretty much my diet these days. You might notice the distinct lack of anything fun or indulgent or even that satisfying. Welcome to Weight Watchers. On the last Saturday of August I made a commitment toContinue reading “Carrots, Apples and Pears, Oh My! Weight Watchers, Part 1”

Is Cooking a Secret Key to Productivity?

For an hour I was in my kitchen engaged in a frenzy of synchronized motion, focused solely on cooking dinner. Just a man, his knives and a frying pan. Everything else faded into the background. It was a Blue Apron night and I tackled fresh linguine pasta with roasted fennel and garlic breadcrumbs. First, I prepped the ingredients. Slicing an aromaticContinue reading “Is Cooking a Secret Key to Productivity?”