Weekly Roundup: Get Social With Job Search

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One of the most powerful tools in your job search arsenal is your social media presence. Sure, you’re probably on LinkedIn as well as Facebook, but what about Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and more? While not every social platform may be right for you, it is important to understand the basics of how each one works and how they can impact your job search, positively and negatively. I wrote about how social media can make or break your job search (and even your career) over at AOL Jobs. 

Weekly Roundup: Writing A Cover Letter That Gets Results

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We often overlook this critical piece of our job search strategy. I wrote about how to get it right at AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Mastering The Art Of LinkedIn

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How to tweak your LinkedIn profile from good to great. Here’s something I wrote for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Crush That Interview, Part II

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Be prepared for your interview or suffer the consequences. Here’s something I wrote for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Crush That Interview

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You’ve finally landed the big interview. You’ve got one shot. Make it count. Find out what job search and career experts had to say about prepping for a big interview in a piece I wrote for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Networking Part 2

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Connections can make or break your career. Here are a handful of great networking strategies and tactics that you can use to establish and expand your circle that I wrote about for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Networking Like A Pro

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Making connections starts with hello. Here’s some expert advice on networking in a piece I wrote for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Writing A Rock Solid Resume, Part 2

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Recruiters and experts show you the path to resume perfection in something I wrote for AOL Jobs.

Weekly Roundup: Five Steps To A Better Resume

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​How do you boil your career down into one or two concise, compelling pages? How can you craft the perfect resume? This is possibly the most confounding and tricky piece of the job search. HR or the hiring manager will likely judge your resume in seconds. Get it right and you may wind up on the top of the stack. Get it wrong and you will get nowhere. I found five great resources for resume tips and advice in a piece I did for AOL Jobs.

The Weekly Countdown: 5 Articles To Inspire All Job Seekers (Week 4)

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Check out five great pieces of career advice I found this week in Week 4 of a new column I am writing for AOL Jobs.